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Name:A Rizzoli & Isles RPG
Posting Access:All Members
A roleplaying game based in the world of the 'Rizzoli & Isles' television series.

Rules :

1) At this time we are only mainly accepting characters from the R&I fandom. But if you have a suitable character from outside the fandom & you are able to convince the mod that they would work well in the rpg then you may be accepted.

2) The rp will take place with in the comm, with posts being made here to help all members keep track of what is going on.

3) No god-modding. If you are seen to be doing this, you will be contacting by the mod & receive a 'strike'. If you receive 3 strikes, you will be removed from the rpg.

4) If you wish to do a storyline involving another members character, please contact them first.

5) If you have a problem with another member of the rpg, or something they are doing (or anything to do with the rpg at all), please contact the mod & they will deal with the situation.
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